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    1、 The company participates in the 13th Northeast China Garden and Gardening Flower Industry Exhibition

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2018-03-19】
    From March 18th to March 19th, the 13th Northeastern Garden and Horticultural Flower Industry Exhibition was held in Shenyang Industrial Exhibition Hall. The company, as an exhibitor, exhibited three-...

    2、 Seven advantages of plant walls

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2017-12-25】
    Plant wall is a wall planted with green plants, both the separation of internal and external space functions, and diverse shapes, full of beauty....

    3、 Causes and Remedies of Plant Wall

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2017-01-05】
    Plant wall is a comprehensive horticultural engineering, with plant wall automatic control equipment, three-dimensional structure, plant rationing, lighting and other integrated to create a comprehensive plant wall landscape......

    4、 Vegetable habits and balcony planting methods

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2017-01-03】
    Leek adaptability, cold and heat, the growth of appropriate temperature 15 ~ 25 ℃. Kind of leek cut a crop can also continue to grow, and simple planting, high survival rate....

    5、 Plant wall gradually combined with the soft-installed

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-12-29】
    The plant wall is designed to take into account the maximum benefits of plants, and to create a long-term stability of the three-dimensional plant wall of the landscape, the plant wall industry vigorous development......

    6、 Dimensional green has gradually developed to high altitude

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-12-19】
    Three-dimensional green with the traditional green there is a certain difference, by definition, it is three-dimensional green, is the vertical surface of the green building, its area is basically zero...

    7、 Plant wall is the inevitable result of urban development

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-12-06】
    If you have been to the Chinese Garden Museum, must have seen that tall and spacious 250 square meters of plant walls, can make you impressed, indulge in pleasures without stop. Although full of modern flavor...

    8、 Plant wall maintenance of the late need to pay attention to what problems

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-10-31】
    Plant wall is also a continuation of plant life. Plant wall, as a kind of fresh curtain wall decoration, needs scientific and careful design and implementation, and needs more careful care and maintenance....

    9、 Selection of vertical green plants

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-10-25】
    In the green, if it is used to reduce the building wall and indoor temperature, you should use fast growing, lush foliage climbing plants, such plants have ivy, five leaf to Kam, ivy and so on....

    10、 Simulation of plant walls, to life a green

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-10-22】
    Simulation plant wall is a high simulation plant, simulation of green plants produced three-dimensional wall landscaping green plant landscape, is the use of high-simulation plant and the real plant similarity to achieve......