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    Company ProfileShenyang Modern Time Gardening Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2010. At the beginning of its establishment, it has been based on three-dimensional greening project, ecological landscape project, drip irrigation and irrigation project, agricultural internet of things as its development goal, based on its own strong research and development, and has foreign trade operators. prove. Focus on the development of advanced global technology and advance with the times. In the spirit of cooperation and win-win, the rapid development and growth. The wholly-owned subsidiary Jingnong Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development and production of intelligent compound networking products, soilless cultivation facilities and new gardening materials.

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    Factory introductionThe company is committed to the development of three-dimensional green products, plant wall products, soilless cultivation products, PVC flower boxes, aluminum flower boxes, three-dimensional flower plants, gardening facilities, IoT agricultural equipment and ancillary products. The company has a factory area of 8,000 square meters, with 1 national invention patent and 7 utility model patents. And continue to increase research and development efforts. The company has 3D printers, CNC, slow wire and other auxiliary production and testing equipment, more than 60 senior technicians, with a core team and first-class technical level. The company has a large injection molding plant, mold processing plant, iron processing factory, flower box flower processing plant, flower five-color grass planting base.

    Company mainThree-dimensional green products, plant wall products, soilless cultivation products, PVC flower boxes, aluminum flower boxes, three-dimensional flower plants, gardening facilities, IoT agricultural equipment, and all related engineering construction, with landscape agriculture, ecological landscape design and construction, and overall Design planning ability, product sales ranks in the forefront of the country.

    Project introductionThe company participates in a number of key greening projects and agricultural engineering projects, including: Beijing Agricultural Expo Park Construction, Beijing Diaoyutai Ballroom, Changchun Agricultural Expo Park, Jinzhou Expo Park Project, Chongqing Rose Garden, Panjin Hot Spring Resort Hotel, Panjin Municipal Greening Project, Dalian Municipal landscape projects, 12 transport projects, Hainan Sun Moon Plaza, Shenyang Taoxian International Airport Landscape Project, China Medical University, Shenyang University of Technology, Hollyland National Chain Store, Jin Qilin Club Indoor Greening, Youth Street along the landscape project.

    Corporate philosophyProfessional, Fashion, Innovation, Integrity, the modern gardening landscape team has always adhered to this slogan, and strives to provide perfect and fashionable product design solutions to our customers.

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    corporate visionFood safety and air are problems encountered in the future development of China. The company is committed to organic vegetable gardening facilities, (food safety issues), and intelligent watering technology (mainly addressing high labor costs, fertilizer and water utilization), and through three-dimensional greening and landscape Engineering (improving air quality and beautifying the environment) is the main line of development. Taking advantage of the great opportunity for the development of the Internet, we are not Internet + companies, we are entities + Internet. History will gradually prove the correctness of our development. Establish your own organic vegetables and sightseeing agricultural bases, gradually expand brand awareness, make full use of its own advantages to reduce costs, and form a network and physical store layout. Gradually establish its own chilled distribution chain and product tracking system. Develop together with agents and distributors, and leverage each other to form a platform for entity sharing.

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