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    The 18th China International Flower Garden Show

    AUTHOR: DATE:2016/1/29 14:20:14 VISITS:

    In order to strengthen the exchange of domestic and foreign flowers, gardening, garden industry, trade and enhance cooperation among enterprises, promote industrial sustainable and healthy development, I would invite your organization to participate in the new China International Exhibition Center 2016 年 May 11 to 13 Hall held 18th China international flower Garden Show.

    China International Flower Garden Show will be hosted by me, held every year alternately in Beijing and Shanghai. Show has been the strong support of the Ministry of Agriculture and the State Forestry Administration, China's flower gardening and landscape areas largest and best known, and best professional trade exhibitions; domestic and foreign professionals each year has become a well attended exhibition brands. To fully enhance the exhibition's international participation and visibility, since 2012 I will cooperate with the German exhibition IPM, 2016, we will further strengthen the depth of cooperation between the two sides, for professionals at home and abroad to build a good platform for international exchanges.

    According to statistics, in April 2014 in Beijing held its sixteenth exhibition features a total area of 23,000 square meters, attracted participants from China, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, India, Japan, Korea, Denmark, Australia , Israel, Sweden, Spain, Switzerland, Singapore, Russia, the United States, Canada, Austria, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Colombia and Hong Kong, China, China Taiwan and other 27 countries and regions, 435 exhibitors, of which foreign exhibitors the number reached 133, accounting for 30.6%; the Netherlands, Germany, France and China Taiwan exhibitors to show the form; received professional visitors from 49 countries and regions, 18,576 people; held at the same 12 special, 43 screenings professional activities.

    The exhibition shows ranging from flowers, nursery stock, lawn, media, fertilizers, ornamental plants, garden machinery, greenhouse equipment, gardening tools, landscaping, irrigation systems, urban landscaping, pest control, etc.

    We sincerely invite flowers, gardening, gardens and related industries production and management, research and teaching institutions and individuals seize opportunities, take part. For specific exhibitor, please contact the organizer of this exhibition Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd.


    Plant: flowering potted plants, green plants, cut flowers, potted plants, bulbs, shrubs, hydroponics, biological tissue culture, palm trees, promotional products, seeds, vegetables, seedlings, lawn;

    Technical categories: cooling technology, transport, technology and equipment fruit and vegetable products, park Lin Guanjing technical equipment, greenhouse equipment, heating systems, irrigation systems, measurement and calibration equipment, cultivate and plant protection, pots, promotional products, transport drag handling equipment Wait;

    Floral categories: flowers crafts, candles, cards, dried flowers / silk flowers, floral utensils, decorative plants, handmade pottery, flower pots of various materials (glass / ceramic / plastic / enamel), promotional products, stamping machinery, rattan willow basketry etc. ;

     Gardening materials categories: garden machinery, garden decoration, spendthrift / column, outdoor plant pots, gardening equipment / tools, promotional products, landscape conservation, soil, peat and substrates, shop construction and decorative garden, garden furniture, software development and consulting ;

    Other: Association (Flower Association, Association of flowers and trees, flowers branch, branch of flowers, Bonsai Association, the Professional Committee of gardens, Horticultural Society, Bonsai Society, Bonsai Research), the media (website, magazines, newspapers, publications, micro-channel, microblogging, EDM, APP), the government (Forestry, agriculture Bureau, agriculture and Forestry Bureau, construction Bureau), college (University of agriculture and Forestry, agriculture and Forestry Vocational High school, flower training school), flowers (flowers) market, garden center, florist, cooperatives.