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    1、 Existing problems in vertical greening

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-09-06】
    Vertical greening its present form is relatively simple. Traditional climbing green low cost, good effect, but in the form of relatively monotonous green, climbing plants are not the only option for vertical greening....

    2、 Vertical green buildings have cooling effect

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-09-05】
    Particularly when the summer "sauna days" in the "heat island effect" highlights the city implemented a vertical green building, "Green Island" cooling effect is obvious....

    3、 Plant wall in the decor

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-09-02】
    The decor is related to a store management style, and the appearance of the first impression, and its importance is not in this nagging, I believe that friends are very clear....

    4、 Types and Characteristics of three-dimensional green

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-09-01】
    Greening form use of the building (structure) of the surface of the space as a carrier to carry out, with low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving features....

    5、 The benefits of green roofs

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-31】
    Buildings with a temperature difference between the surface vegetation and no vegetation of getting bigger, the maximum temperature difference of 42.1 ℃. In the long term view of the city, green roofs have many benefits......

    6、 Value of vertical greening

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-25】
    Compared with trees and shrubs, vines have unique advantages, it clings to the winding and the role that it can crawl lively and flexible coverage in the wall of the building, and to depict the image of the shape of the building......

    7、 Advantages of modular plant wall

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-20】
    That module plant cultivation container, vertical greening facade design is the basic unit that can be quickly installed and removed. Unit module vertical greening by planting member, medium soil and plants three parts......

    8、 How to manage the hot and rainy season Begonia

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-16】
    Begonia growth and flowering of the optimum temperature is about 23 ℃, Xia Jixi semi-shade, cool and well-ventilated environment, avoid high temperature, waterlogging and direct glare. When summer conservation, to follow its "temper."...

    9、 Purpose three-dimensional green plant wall

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-12】
    To improve the physical environment, the use of physiological functions of plants Wall plants, absorption or adsorption of motor vehicles, homes, offices and other atmospheric pollutants discharged, can achieve the effect of air purification....

    10、 Clivia several anomalies Analysis

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-06】
    Clivia vitality, easy cultivation, but it is not easy to keep a good. Especially in the daily management often occur blade were irregular and abnormal, affect its ornamental value....