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    Fifth Summit theme parks and resorts

    AUTHOR: DATE:2016/1/29 14:48:28 VISITS:

    Assembly time: 19-20 May 2016

    Venue: Shanghai, China

    Organizers: theme park focusing

    General Meeting:

    Focus sponsored by the theme park "theme park and resort Fifth International Summit" will be held in Shanghai grand May 2016 19-20. The General Assembly to "Homeopathy for: leveraging global projects and capital, to grasp the golden age of Chinese theme park" as its theme, and guests will discuss the development direction of Chinese theme park industry and market trends, how to tap the domestic theme park culture, tickets out of economic misunderstanding, to avoid the homogenization of management and other topics, and share the world's leading theme park design case, as well as the practical application of high-tech equipment. By then, the Summit and the awards ceremony will bring together more than 800 from the developers, operators, design and planning, project management, solution providers, government agencies, industry associations, to discuss the forefront of the development of the theme park industry, establish contact to promote cooperation, and recognition of the theme park industry innovation and industry elite.

    Participants groups:

    Government agencies & industry associations;

    Theme park operator;

    Real estate developers;

    Equipment or for services and technology provider.

    Hot General Assembly:

    1. Theme Park Development Trend and Prospect: a global perspective, China Focus

    2. China theme park of focus: from project financing, design and planning until the concept of operations, differentiate innovation

    Investment and operational strategies 3. Theme Park - lifting the number of garden, creating a memorable experience

    4. Innovation and Technology to enhance safety and to protect the Garden Garden theme park experience

    5. Under the new strategy of social media era theme park as well as the development of new ways