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    Vegetable habits and balcony planting methods

    AUTHOR: DATE:2017/1/3 9:16:55 VISITS:

    1, chives

        Leek adaptability, cold and heat, the growth of appropriate temperature 15 ~ 25 ℃. Kind of leek cut a crop can also continue to grow, and simple planting, high survival rate.

    Planting process: planting, each cluster of 3 to 5, covering about 5 mm of soil layer, drenching water → 4 to 5 days pouring a water, keep the soil moist and top dressing 3 to 4 times → 15 days to harvest → 2 Year for soil once.

        Terrace vegetables tips: leek planting emphasis on root, weak growth is generally not harvested; Huanpen soil should be carried out in winter dormancy.

    2, water spinach

        The soil is not demanding, wide adaptability, but not cold-resistant, in case of frost and stem leaves die.

        Planting process: bought from the market can be used directly for cuttings, if too long is cut into 15 cm or so of small pieces and then cut into 2 ~ 3 together into the soil, there are 2 to 3 exposed soil surface can be, every day Watering → looks almost, and leave a bud to other parts of the bud to eat → every 10 days or so can be received once.

        Balcony vegetables tips: spinach grow quickly, to more water, dry will affect the taste.

    3, tomatoes

        Under the normal condition, the optimum temperature of assimilation was 20 ~ 25 ℃, and the optimum soil temperature for root growth was 20 ~ 22 ℃. Planting process: the soil into the planting box, digging the middle of the fingers → finger seedlings, into the hole, carefully inserted into the soil, do not hurt the roots, with hemp rope and vegetable seedlings gently tied, watering → 1 week after the lateral bud → 3 weeks after the limb top dressing → 8 weeks after harvest → 10 weeks after pruning.

        Balcony vegetables tips: seedling irrigation too much, prone to leggy; flower bud period is also not easy to water too much, easy to fall. Often to the foliage spray and 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, or 100 times a week of rice vinegar spray, can pest control disease, can play the role of foliage top dressing.

    4, radish

        The optimum temperature for germination of radish seeds is 20 ~ 25 ℃, the germination temperature is 2 ~ 3 ℃, the seedling period can tolerate the higher temperature of 25 ℃, and can tolerate low temperature of -2 ~ -3 ℃ for a short time.

        Planting process: two or three days of planting → → → the first leaf is really slow → 34 leaves after growing up leaves → roots radish was broken up → turnip → harvest harvest.

        Terrace vegetables tips: radish rapid growth, but also a large nutrient consumption, count more hi light plants, lack of sunshine, radish grow up.

    5, cabbage

        Cabbage hi cold, more high temperature and low temperature, almost all year round can be planted.

        Planting process: planting → two or three days to start → grow slowly → grow more and more leaves, growing faster and faster → want to eat when you can harvest.

        Terrace vegetables tips: to water the best morning and evening, not in the hot watering at noon, pouring water into the soil when the water is not sticky, the small rake loose soil.

    6, onion

        Onion is our household Denton can be used on the spices, but it is low on the cultivation of sunshine and the environment are not required.