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    1、 Plant wall What process?

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-05】
    Wall plants currently in the country has been initially tested in four mature planting process, namely: Plant Sack, pots group technology, module technology and moisturizing blanket technology....

    2、 Select and conservation plant wall plant

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-02】
    New Green Mode Vertical greening and environmental protection industry in recent years is widely popular, specifically for the use of climbing plants in the wall as the carrier to achieve greening effect, in order to reduce urban air pollution. ...

    3、 How to improve the green roof initiative

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-30】
    Today, the urban environment more and more people's attention, various countries around the world are looking forward to a wide variety of ways to green their own transformation of the urban landscape more beautiful. ...

    4、 Clivia hydroponic method

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-26】
    Clivia also be hydroponics, the method is as follows: Select the container Clivia water culture, you must first choose a good container. In general, a transparent glass container as well....

    5、 Plant wall at home, haze blocked outside the home

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-22】
    Anti-haze approach is not n95 masks and air purifiers. But fundamentally improve air quality, the ability of this aspect of anti-haze Granville common flora is great....

    6、 Prevention of flowers into the room after the yellow leaves in autumn

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-21】
    After the burglary, because the space is better to open an outdoor water pots and plant transpiration surface decreased. If at this time, as original as watering, due to wet Pentu cause rot, then the blade portion of the shoot will be yellow....

    7、 How to improve the aroma of orchids

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-20】
    Nature orchid fragrance overflowing, refreshing, the "king of fragrant" reputation, much favored by the world. For thousands of years people spend Zhongai Lan, its charm lies in its fragrance....

    8、 What are the advantages simulation plant wall

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-18】
    Now many people prefer the natural environment, if the plant is really indeed there will be some follow-up of trouble, and artificial plants can be very good to get rid of such trouble, but also more convenient to use....

    9、 Cymbidium Conservation Techniques

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-13】
    Cymbidium cultivation in China has a long history, many famous. Keep a good orchid with other countries as well to keep Cymbidium must also pay attention to some of the methods, techniques routine maintenance has five main aspects....

    10、 How to fertilize hydroponic flowers

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-08】
    Soilless cultivation nutrient solution is necessary nutrients in proportion to the flowers, concentration and acidity of the preparation, in addition to containing a large number of elements plants need, but also contains other trace elements....