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    1、 British kind of "living plant wall" Flood Control

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-09-03】
    According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on August 20, in London recently at the nearby Victoria Station wall planted a giant "living wall" (living wall)......

    2、 Vertical greening system, made of native ecosystems

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-29】
    Singapore, a small area, land area of 699.1 square kilometers, equivalent to a 9 per Shanghai, the population density of up to 413 million people....

    3、 Singapore dimensional Green enhance the charm Index

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-08-09】
    Government of Singapore Investment 10 billion new coins to build the world's unique --- Marina South Singapore Botanic Gardens. Garden built 30-meter-high towers of the huge plant has become......

    4、 Hengyang incentives introduced three-dimensional green roof garden

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-07-16】
    You live in the first layers? 6 layers above the public Please note that the city will soon introduce incentives to encourage your hands to the roof terrace planted with flowers!...

    5、 Urban greening perspective drawing at home and abroad

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-01】
    Many cities around the world attaches great importance to the vertical greening, Japan in this regard have been walking in the world....

    6、 "Vertical Garden" popular in Europe Family

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-05-20】
    High cost of land in major cities, the green space is very limited. Love green gardening enthusiasts are often in distress is not enough space to grow their own favorite plants....

    7、 US: urban waste disposal system - Green circulatory system

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-05-13】
    New York Architects Present Architecture envisioned a green ring system, mainly for New York contamination due to excessive spam formation. Urban waste disposal is indeed a headache....

    8、 US: Creative infinite sky green

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-04-11】
    Now, all over the world we can see some of the local characteristics and cultural color of sky gardens. And compared to Europe, the United States built the Hanging Gardens mostly on abandoned or infrastructure reconstruction after....

    9、 Plant wall - to lead the trend of American Venture

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-04-09】
    In today's market so sensitive to environmental protection, the green elements as valuable as gold. In addition, studies show that, in a beautiful environment, consumers are more willing to buy things....

    10、 Chile nearly five years into the world's third largest national forest area

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-01-29】
    Chile, "Mercury News" reported on September 7, according to the latest report released by FAO, after China and Australia, Chile, the last five years the world's third largest national forest area....