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    Seven advantages of plant walls

    AUTHOR: DATE:2017/12/25 13:38:22 VISITS:

      Plant wall is a wall planted with green plants, both the separation of internal and external space functions, and diverse shapes, full of beauty. Can you know what the advantages are?

      Appearance, plant walls more artistic. Plant wall according to the needs of designers and customers, combined with climate, temperature, humidity, color and other comprehensive conditions matching four seasons green or colorful plants for people to create a close to nature and detached nature of the living environment.

      Plant conservation, plant walls can be technically automatic irrigation, fertilization. Through the scientific management of plants, which will help the healthy growth of plants, saving manpower and resources.

      Cost, the plant wall temperature and humidity control functions, saving air conditioning and humidifier consumption. In the long run, the cost of owners is greatly reduced.

      Small plant wall construction for the future to create a forest city samples. As land becomes more and more scarce, urban people are increasingly yearning for nature. To solve this contradiction, vertical greening has emerged.

      Clean air: Due to lack of greening in the city, air quality is low. The use of these plants can effectively purify the air and increase the oxygen content of the air.

      Noise Isolation: The plant walls feature noise dampening (up to 40dB) to significantly reduce external noise and vibration in our homes and workplaces. Plant walls also greatly reduce the acoustic reflections of the building.

      Low-carbon energy: When the roof, walls and other vegetation cover the appropriate. In summer, a lot of hot air and UV rays will be plants to resist, so that the surface temperature is reduced by about 15 ° C. In winter, plants have thermal insulation and are healthier.