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    Do not risk the sea Amoy it! South Korean delegation to Guangzhou fleshy flower exhibition you open ADS

    AUTHOR: DATE:2016/1/29 14:07:36 VISITS:

    Speaking before South Korea, we will first think of kimchi and Korean, and now in the eyes of China, "more meat," South Korea "more meat" is the same as the existence of God. Industry experts have estimated that the past year China bought from South Korea for more meat not less than 10 billion yuan, individual real estate group has shifted more meat position, Baidu search to Korean sea Amoy purchasing more meat shop, website, information on the Raiders over one million Article.

    South Korea, "Amoy meat" popular, but the risk is great. This year's "green bud" special action carried out in the country, around the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau seized a batch of items prohibited from entering, succulents become "regulars", mostly from South Korea. Compared crazy adventure, the formal channels of purchase will naturally be more popular. The 2015 Guangzhou International Flower Show exhibitors hundreds of square meters of multi-meat Korea Pavilion, has recently become the focus of attention, waiting for more meat and trying to open November 20 Amoy.

    South Korea, "meaty" as Well Bi Ouba big legs still fire?

    Succulents by selling Meng good hand we have become the new darling, why South Korea can more meat unique? Inside, half "love" and half "business."

    "Meat" who pay attention to "general cargo" and "your goods." General cargo means more domestic long cultivated species, such as white peony, rainbow jade, Huang et; your goods is not yet widely cultivated domestic Korean goods and goods in Europe. Because of sunshine, temperature, different climate, change shape and color fleshy occur. South Korea and more flavors of the meat color is gorgeous, some of your goods in Korea for new plant varieties flower pollinated hybrids obtained, some plant mutation occurs "out of brocade" or "conjugates" of the formation.

    More than one meat at least a few dollars, twenty or thirty dollars, as many as hundreds of thousands of pieces. According to the "Securities" reporter survey, the most expensive currently on the market more than million unit price of meat, meat and more fleshy circles spend a few hundreds of thousands, or even real estate developers invested 20 million yuan more than stir-fried meat. When the collection of succulents like philately enthusiasts, "South Korean meat" because of rare and expensive, the demand for the sale of natural hot hot, which is why South Korea and more meat now Bi Ouba big legs also fire reasons Smecta.

    "Amoy meat" not to South Korea, the Guangzhou International Flower Show will be able to Amoy

    Many more meat lovers, has been South Korea, "Amoy meat" experience. In addition to high prices, international logistics expensive, but also save transport concernedly bad fleshy leaf out of hand, the customs entry is truncated, and even higher price "Korean meat" eventually buy domestic meat and other risks.

    Thus, the "multi-meat" who are looking to purchase more meat Korea regular channels.

    November 20-22, the largest flower event in South China - Guangzhou International potted plants and garden supplies florist exhibition will be held in Guangzhou are the flowers. Show nearly 10 South Korean companies will participate in the exhibition fleshy, bright color display, shape sprout varieties Korea more meat, "meat were" not in Korea, without scouring the sea adventure in Guangzhou Flower Show will be able to Amoy Korea fleshy boutique, treasures.

    In addition to South Korea more than meat, one thousand Qingzhou Hui Zi, Guangzhou is Yan, Beijing Century Jia Yun, Tianjin Ge, finger fire Jingdezhen, Yixing Feng Tao, Fuzhou Shengchun, Taizhou Road westerly and planting pots and other meat production enterprises, will also be near area of 400 square meters of new display products!

    The show, "more meat" who in addition to Amoy to favorite "fleshy" more meat and experts from around the planting, cultivation of people more meat, more meat lovers share exchange. Over the same period will also be organized: more meat pots group performance, the combination of potted performances, exciting activities show a large flower, potted plants and flowers Lunar New Year Forum, home gardening forums, technical seminars and so on!

    2015 Guangzhou International Flower Show will be more meat enthusiasts gathered around the event!