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    1、 Schefflera foliage plant propagation

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-30】
    Schefflera, also known as wood duck feet is a small evergreen tree or shrub. Many branches, close branches, palmate, leaflets 5-8 pieces, dark green leaves and shiny....

    2、 Organic cucumber cultivation techniques

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-29】
    Cucumber, also known as cucumber, cucumber, Cucurbitaceae plants. Widely distributed throughout China, and is one of the main greenhouse products.Organic cucumber plant tender, juicy stems and coat, leaves tomentose...

    3、 Tomato soilless cultivation techniques

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-28】
    Use of existing energy-saving solar greenhouse soilless cultivation, greenhouse soilless cultivation system installation, including the cultivation tank, irrigation facilities, growing media....

    4、 Northeast China being plant conservation management

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-21】
    January Northeast China in the year of the lowest temperature period, some cities could reach low temperature of minus 30 degrees, and this time the number of Perennial be dormant....

    5、 Anthurium cultivation technology fade summer

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-20】
    As the temperature gradually increased, anthurium plants grown due to high temperature and strong light, there will be palm fading phenomenon, affecting the quality of potted anthurium and ornamental effect, and sales and price impact....

    6、 FAQ plant wall daily management

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-17】
    Common plant is divided into modular wall, flower pots and planting style bag, here I am in Shenyang modern time (hereinafter referred to as the modern time) the production of modular plant wall as an example:...

    7、 Carbon slurry matrix was on the development of plant wall

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-15】
    Carbon mud matrix is a new generation of flower cultivation matrix! It conforms to the development of the times to be developed!...

    8、 Common flower disease control

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-14】
    Mainly against leaves, petioles and young shoots, when the early onset of the blades, the front appeared purple-brown to brown dots, after expanding more round or amorphous dark brown spots....

    9、 Green roof construction

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-13】
    Secondary water treatment should be the first time as a reference, so better able to play a waterproof barrier root effect....

    10、 How to deal with hydroponic Chlorophytum rot

    AUTHOR: TIME:【2016-06-11】
    In the cultivation of Chlorophytum, a lot of people do not like to use the soil culture method, like the method of water culture....