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    2016 eighteenth exhibition Inner Mongolia landscape gardening flower seedlings

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    Support Sponsors: Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Forestry Department Office of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of Inner Mongolia Water Resources Department of Economic Development and Research Association

    Sponsor: East Inner Mongolia Zhao exhibition planning a limited liability company


    The party's eighth session of the Third and Fourth Plenary Session and General Secretary Xi Jinping important speech of Inner Mongolia as well as ecological construction, forestry work instructions indicating spiritual guidance of the full implementation of the "8337" the development of ideas and the regional party committee ninth eleven, ten secondary Cantonese spirit, in accordance with the general requirements of the State Forestry Administration and the regional party committee and government to continue to adhere to the ecological construction of forestry development strategies to strengthen forestry management system and governance capacity building to celebrate the Beijing Olympic Winter Games, the Winter Olympics will add luster green, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Forestry Department, Inner Mongolia Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Office, Department of Water Resources, Inner Mongolia economic development and Research Association sponsored support, eastern Inner Mongolia Zhao exhibition planning a limited liability company in 2016 hosted the eighteenth Inner Mongolia landscape gardening flower seedlings Fair grand opening will be held in Inner Mongolia international convention and Exhibition Centre on March 16!

    Last review:

    2015 Spring and Autumn Inner Mongolia seedlings will have accumulated include: Sheng and ecology, Mongolian grass drought in hi ecology, a Shan Shanghai, Qingdao billion Fonda, Shandong Yijia source, the rise garden, garden Chase, Hebei Xintiandi, green eco-East a Yat Group, fat dragon Deluxe, a Hebei Sen, Ping an Yuanlin, Sichuan Guoguang, God embellish biology, in Lin Jiacheng, public art garden, king peony, Taiwan Liu Sheng, Shanghai Yao Qi, Songjiang ecology, Beijing Shou increase, west garden, Liao Ning Shengsen two hundred landscaping companies and other exhibitors, the indicators were a record high.

    Market Background:

    In 2014, a total of Inner Mongolia for the implementation of the central capital and financial capital of 100 billion yuan, 1.4 billion yuan investment in the autonomous region. Last year's fly-made sealing area of 1008 acres, 209 acres of green key areas, exceeding the 1000 acres and 200 acres of autonomous annual task. In 2014, investment in the key areas of green types of funds at all levels of more than 160 billion yuan, 209 million mu. Among them, the 4679 km highway greening, 63.2 acres; urban greening 355, 69 acres; the Village Green 1336, 38.4 million acres; park green 384 factories and mines, 16.6 acres; 15.4 acres of the Yellow River green; before DAQINGSHAN 6.6 acres of green slope. Create fine works 318, an area of 49 acres.

    2015, Inner Mongolia plans to complete the annual forestry ecological construction tasks than 1,000 acres, voluntary tree-planting 70 million, 200 acres of green building in key areas, the new forest area of 40 acres, 10 acres of transformation.


    Registration & Move: 14-15 March 2016 Opening: March 16, 2016 in the morning

    Exhibition: March 2016 16-18 Closing time: March 18, 2016 PM

    Venue: Inner Mongolia International Convention and Exhibition Center (Hohhot University East East Side and East Second Ring Road Interchange)

    "China will deepen the Chinese exhibitors to Turkey Flower Gardening cultural and industrial development results, and to deepen exchanges with China and Turkey Flower Gardening cooperation, enhance friendship between the people of China and Turkey, to promote the Silk Road Economic Belt, it has a very important sense, "said Zhang Yongli.