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    Plant wall maintenance of the late need to pay attention to what problems

    AUTHOR: DATE:2016/10/31 15:11:20 VISITS:

      Plant wall is also a continuation of plant life. Plant wall, as a kind of fresh curtain wall decoration, needs scientific and careful design and implementation, and needs more careful care and maintenance. Plant wall of the growth process is also the process of micro-prevention, plant wall of the plant if the problems are often different from the traditional decorative and garden gardening, mostly gradually emerging problems, similar to chronic diseases, plant wall What are chronic diseases?

      First, the root of the disharmony

      Because of the plant carrier and the special nature of the substrate, most of the plant wall is not like the environment can be a good meet the roots of the growth and development, when the plant wall of the plant from the ground environment, Plant crown width increased to a certain extent, often affect the normal metabolism of plants, so the need to select the quality of the carrier and the matrix, and through pruning and nutrition and other aspects of management.

      Second, the matrix of the compaction and loss

      Based on the three-dimensional space of plant wall, the irrigation of water mostly relies on the fluid mechanics. After the multi-cycle watering of the plant wall, the effect of the substrate on the plant wall is great. Generally, the water is directly irrigated to the substrate. Scientific nature is likely to produce compaction and surface runoff and other sites, especially the erosion of water will take away more water-soluble substances in the matrix, resulting in plant wall hidden dangers. So in the choice of carrier and matrix, we must pay particular attention to scientific.

      Third, the aging of watering equipment

      Watering equipment problem is the plant wall is more prone to problems, especially the relatively poor quality of the dropper and dropper equipment, relatively more plant wall systems are prone to problems, including calcification of the drip plug, the pipeline The water pressure is not balanced and so on many kinds of questions, selects the suitable reasonable drip irrigation equipment is we should pay attention.

      Fourth, the lamp color failure

      Most indoor plant walls require supplemental lighting for the lighting, since most indoor environments do not meet the normal growth requirements of the plant wall, and the plant walls are greatly reduced in brightness due to the structure and the stacking of plants. With the use of the frequency of the cycle time, plant wall lamps in the latter part of the individual will appear color failure, the plant wall light supplement will be greatly weakened, need to focus on plant wall maintenance and adjustment of plant wall lighting problems, In order to protect the plant wall light to meet.

      Fifth, leggy

      Plant growth is the common phenomenon of plant wall, mostly due to the incongruity of light and water, in the rainy outdoor or weak light plant wall environment often appear leggy, if not promptly resolved on plant physiology, landscape status Will cause greater impact, the general should take pruning, nutrition and water control fill light and other comprehensive measures.

      Sixth, the growth of the game

      With the plant wall plant growth, some relatively good environment, metabolism and strong resistance to plant walls will be relatively fast growth and growth, and slow growth will generally result in the growth of plants with weak resistance and weak game , If not managed, tend to cover the invasion will be close to the plant wall, resulting in slightly better than the landscape of the landscape. Appropriate pruning and replacement of plant wall plants is a good way to the growth of the game, while the water and fertilizer, light regulation is indispensable.