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    When the modern landscape gardening (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. (a national registered trademark) design, development, production, construction and post-conservation integrated companies, products and projects in various regions throughout the country and overseas.Prices and qualities are always in the domestic leading level.


    Three-dimensional green, things ecological agriculture, plant wall product engineering, ecological landscape engineering, irrigation technology, production and sales. Flower, flower pots, planters, containers and other product sales soilless cultivation among the nation.


    The company is committed to the development of three-dimensional green, intelligent agriculture, plant wall products and related products research and development production. The company has a factory of 8,000 square meters, has a national invention patents, six utility model patents, two patents. And increasing research and development efforts. The company has a 3D printer, CNC, slow wire and other auxiliary production and testing equipment, senior technicians 60 people, has a core team and first-class technology. The company also has a large wrought iron factory, mold factory, organic matrix R & D facility, colored flowers, grass planting base.


    Three-dimensional green wall refers to choose kinds of planters in the artificial environment by making a use of all different sit conditions.Make the green planters cover lots of buildings above the ground and other surfaces in space structures by using of plants to the space developments way of greening .Now used forms :wall roof garden greening ,balcony afforest colonnade greening ,slope greening and fences pergola greening and so on.

      As  China's economic development, people's living standards rising, the  quality and quality of life requirements are also rising, especially for  the living and working environment of increasing demands, which gave  birth to the rise of the wall three-dimensional green industry, the  birth of the green wall can isolate noise, adjust the room temperature,  air purification, ease our nervousness, ease our life, work pressure,  thereby greatly improve our lives, work quality and taste. The  market demand in all large and medium cities to highlight the obvious,  the state environmental protection department also conform to public  opinion, to the local environmental protection departments put forward  higher requirements in terms of air quality monitoring, environmental  protection industry continues to support the introduction of relevant  policies to improve the quality of air but also people across the country a clean, elegant, comfortable living and working environment. Whenever  an industry can do bigger and stronger, has two features, one direction  of this industry and consistent national policy support, the second is  the industry conforms to the trend of the times, we saw the present and  future market the rapid expansion of demand.

    Contradictions  now, the city land for afforestation declining and expanding urban  greening needs more and more irreconcilable, making three-dimensional  green walls meet the future demand for green is an inevitable trend. Global  low-carbon economy is already coming around the world to develop green  building is a general trend, with the continued rising cost of greening  urban plane, three-dimensional green wall gap in the market, which has  brought a huge cost advantage for the three-dimensional green wall unlimited business opportunities! Now  is the initial stage of the market for the industry, at which time,  conducive to the rapid accounted for market opportunities, gain market  initiative and seize market wealth.Modern horticulture sincerely welcome aspiring entrepreneurs and people of innovation to join us.We can develop the projects of the latest market together ,continuous development and expansion in trend of times.


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