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    Selection of vertical green plants

    AUTHOR: DATE:2016/10/25 15:08:01 VISITS:

    1. Functional requirements

      In the green, if it is used to reduce the building wall and indoor temperature, you should use fast growing, lush foliage climbing plants, such plants have ivy, five leaf to Kam, ivy and so on. If it is dust-based, should try to use coarse and dense leaves of plants, such as the Chinese kiwi.

    2. Ecological requirements

      Different climbers require different environmental conditions, so the site should be considered when the vertical green conditions. In the wall greening, should consider the direction of the problem, the north wall should choose shade-tolerant plants, such as China is a very shade-resistant climbing plants, for the north wall than for the West wall growth, strong growth potential, flowering Results lush. West wall greening should choose hi light, drought-resistant plants, such as ivy and so on. In northern China should consider the cold and drought resistance of plant materials, while the South should consider its moisture resistance.

    3. Green way

     For the greening of the wall, you can choose a sucker and adsorption of the root climbing plants, such as ivy, ivy, etc .; garden vertical green, usually in the scaffolding, rocks next to the planting of elegant or economic value of wood, rose, honeysuckle, Kiwi, etc .; residential vertical green addition to the wall, including the balcony, etc., for the balcony can be used hi light, drought-resistant climbing plants, shady wall can choose to shade the Chinese Jin, etc .; soil slope, rockery vertical greening should use root Large, solid nature of climbing plants.

    4. Beautification requirements

      In order to increase the beautification effect of the wall, you can plant in the overpass and other locations firecrackers, morning glory, kite and other flowering climbing plants; slope and slope cultivation Peak, Laoyaizuengeng; overpass hanging trough and balcony planting yellow Su Xin, lantana, soft -wood yellow cicada and so on.

    5. Environmental requirements

      In the south, ivy is resistant to mercury fog. In the north, to Kam can be anti-sulfur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride and mercury fog. Evergreen broad-leaved ivy, Ficus pumila, Euonymus fortunei can be anti-sulfur dioxide. According to the pollution in the green environment to choose.

      At present, the vertical greening materials used in the city are mostly a variety of functions, a variety of vertical green planting organic combination of materials.