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    Causes and Remedies of Plant Wall

    AUTHOR: DATE:2017/1/5 9:44:39 VISITS:

      Plant wall is a comprehensive horticultural engineering, with plant wall automatic control equipment, three-dimensional structure, plant rationing, lighting and other integrated to create a comprehensive plant wall landscape, but the plant wall in the long-term growth will Yellow leaves and other phenomena need to be dealt with through scientific analysis, one or more factors will plant wall plant growth and metabolism will be affected, especially the indoor plant wall, the factors involved are many.

      Modern plant wall now its causes and remedial measures are as follows:

      (1) Too much water: Long-term over-wet plant walls, resulting in hypoxia in the soil, so that some fibrous root rot, hinder normal breathing and water and nutrient absorption, causing yellow leaves off. After the first leaves become pale yellow, then the old leaves are gradually yellow, should immediately control the watering, suspended fertilization, and often loose soil, the soil ventilation. In particular, plant walls that use drip infiltration from the top to the bottom of the plant wall in the plant when the water will be too wet.

      (2) Dry dewatering: Plant wall watering or long-term pouring half-lumbar water (ie, wet under the dry), affecting nutrient absorption, but also easy to cause leaf color dull, wilting withered leaves. First, the lower part of the aging of the old leaves, and gradually from the bottom to yellow brown. At this point a small amount of water and water, so that it gradually restored and then transferred to the normal watering, the plant wall drip irrigation equipment to regular maintenance and regulation to ensure that plant wall drip irrigation system, safe, stable and efficient work.

      (3) Long-term fattening: Plant wall without long-term application of liquid nutrition, soil nitrogen and other nutrient deficiency, resulting in thin foliage, thin and yellow leaves. Need to be observed in time, through the fertilizer system to add a variety of fertilizers, especially plant roots and leaves should pay attention to the use of appropriate nutrition and bactericidal agents.

      (4) Excessive fertilization: Plant wall fertilization will appear too much new leaf hypertrophy, and more rugged, old leaves dry tip brown off, should immediately stop fertilization, increase watering, the fertilizer from the lower part of the gradual loss of the matrix, To ensure the normal plant wall plant metabolism.

      (5) Close ventilation: If too much nitrogen fertilizer, leaves grow into the lush, with long-term not pruned, resulting in inadequate light within the bough branches, easily lead to yellow leaves off. Should be reasonable fertilization and strengthen the pruning, so that air and light. Plant wall of the flora is relatively dense, so in the plant wall to be fully considered when the ventilation and exhaust.

      (6) Air-drying: Indoor air is too dry, some hi moist environment of flowers, such as Chlorophytum, orchids, etc. tend to appear dry or leaf edge leaf scorch and other phenomena. Should pay attention to the plant wall spray water spray to increase air humidity.