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    Sixth Beijing International Landscape and better living exhibition

    AUTHOR: DATE:2016/1/29 14:36:12 VISITS:

    Time: 9-11 April 2016 Venue: Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition

    Organizers: China National Forest Products Industry Association China Building Decoration Association

    BACKGROUND [Market]

    Over the past 20 years, China is building the world's largest, fastest-growing national construction, international construction industry is referred to as "the world's largest construction site." With China's accession to the WTO and the success of the Olympic Games, China's ecological construction has entered a new period of development, ecological construction projects have been explicitly written into the State Department, "ten measures to expand domestic demand," the National 12th Five Year Plan is a strong emphasis on industry optimization and energy saving, promising ecological construction, ecological construction is imperative!

    In order to promote the development of the construction industry depth and accelerate the pace of urban construction, supported by government departments, sponsored China Forestry Industry Association, China Building Decoration Association, Beijing Planning Exhibition Co., Hai Shu, Beijing WSJ United Strategy For Exhibition Co., Ltd. hosted " 2016 sixth Beijing international and beautiful landscape Habitat Exhibition "will be held April 9, 2016 - was held in Beijing National Agricultural Exhibition Center 11th.

    The exhibition will focus on "architecture, landscape, urban planning," three-city characteristics, focusing on trade, exchange and development between industry and promote the development of a new round of urban construction industry, leading the Chinese ecological building industry into a new, broad sustainable development of Hong Chong Road.

    Fair Organizing Committee will uphold the "customer first, service first" exhibition concept, to reach potential customers for the exhibitors, to expand international sales channels, optimize the market order, to show brand image and setting up international business platform, continued three years efforts, has become a landscape, garden courtyard and living environment facilities and supplies industry-specific platform in the industry has formed a good reputation. Let's participate to this exhibition will be the construction of a global garden, garden, landscape and living environment first show!

    [Special units]:

    Provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities Tourist Board, tourist attractions management office, administration of garden, Landscape Planning and Design, Urban Park Service, villa property management agencies, high-end leisure clubs, resorts and other

    Scope of Exhibits:

    1, the outcome of the exhibition (celebrities, famous enterprises, name of project);

    2, landscape planning and design, landscape design, architectural design, garden design, villa design, home garden design and construction;

    3, garden and patio facilities, furniture and supplies Series: gardens, courtyards, outdoor, park, residential, villas with sections of wood, iron, aluminum, rattan, bamboo, glass, marble, granite and other outdoor leisure furniture, such as Taiwan ;

    4, landscape sculpture garden supplies and decorations: all kinds of decorative Hulan, iron ornamental fountains, flower pots, baskets, umbrellas, candlesticks, rockeries, fountains, landscape, garden sculpture, landscape lighting and lighting equipment, artificial turf, gazebo, shed light water falls, imitation landscape stone, paving and other floor patterns;

    5, simulation landscape, outdoor garden furniture, leisure products, fitness equipment and outdoor recreational facilities;

    6, garden and wood preservative preservative wood structure, wood, wooden, wood carvings, decorations and supplies, garden stone scene, sculpture, ornamental stones;

    7, outdoor paving, green building materials (roof, floor tiles, facades, etc.), eco-friendly decorative materials (coatings, films, outdoor recreation facilities, etc.);

    8, building steel structure, membrane structure, shade, sun rooms, greenhouses;

    9, green seedlings, flowers, bonsai styling, lawn and roof greening and construction techniques;

    10, gardening tools, garden machinery, irrigation, irrigation facilities, lawn speakers.

    Advantages】 【Exhibition:

    1, held concurrently with Asia's largest industrial facilities villa wooden huts exhibition cum trade visitors buyers Hugh shared resources;

    2, many domestic and foreign industry websites combination, mutual promotion, resource sharing;

    3, three years of sharpening and accumulation, the international landscape exhibition industry has become the preferred business platform for trade shows;

    4, show the best time: March is the peak of industry buyers trade negotiations, is the best time of exhibiting companies;

    5, wide degree of internationalization: Organizing Committee International Department organizations from Europe, the Americas, East Asia and Southeast Asia professional buyers, trade groups, the mission, well-known experts and major international well-known enterprises to participate, observe and carry out investment study .