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    Integration of fertilizer

    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2012/1/25 12:06:12

    Fertilizer is a comprehensive integrated technology involving  irrigation, tillage and crop cultivation and other aspects, its main  technical essentials should note the following four areas:

    First, the first is to establish a drip irrigation system. In  terms of design, according to the basic situation of the terrain,  plots, unit, soil texture, crop planting patterns, water and other  characteristics, depth of buried piping system design, length, irrigated  area and the like. Fertilizer  can be integrated irrigation methods irrigation pipe, sprinkler  irrigation, micro irrigation, pressurized irrigation pump, gravity drip,  subsurface irrigation, small tube streaming. Special hanged flood irrigation, which is likely to cause nitrogen loss, but also reduces water use efficiency.

    Second, fertilization system. In the field to be designed for the quantitative fertilization,  including tanks and mixed fertilizer tank position and capacity, export,  fertilizer pipes, distributor valves, pumps fertilizer pumps.

    Third, select the appropriate types of fertilizer. Optional  liquid or solid fertilizers, such as ammonia, urea, ammonium sulfate,  ammonium nitrate, monoammonium phosphate, diammonium phosphate,  potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, potassium nitrate, calcium  nitrate, magnesium sulfate fertilizer; as a powder or small solid state block is preferred, a water-soluble strong claim, containing fewer  impurities, generally should not use granular fertilizer (including  domestic and foreign goods); if slurry or humic acid liquid fertilizer  must pass through the drain, so as not to clog the pipeline.

    Fourth, fertigation operation.

    1. fertilizer dissolution and mixing: no mixing or agitation when applying liquid manure, solid manure generally need a liquid fertilizer mixed with water and stirred, if necessary separation to avoid precipitation problems.

    2. Control fertilizer: fertilizer to master dose injected liquid fertilizer suitable concentration of about 0.1% irrigation flow. Such as irrigation flow rate of 50m3 / mu, injecting liquid fertilizer is about 50 liters / acre; excessive administration may cause fatal crops and environmental pollution.

    3. fertigation program divided into three stages: the first stage, the choice of fat-free water or moist; the second stage, applying fertilizer solution irrigation; the third stage, with a fat-free clean water irrigation system.

    In short, water and fertilizer integration technology is an advanced practical technology efficiency of the section, as long as the pre-investment conditions addressed in rural areas, there are technical force support, promote the use of it will be an effective measure to help farmers increase income .