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    Stereo Planting Mode

    Solid  culture is also known as vertical cultivation soilless cultivation,  cultivation of this is without prejudice to the plane cultivation  conditions, surrounded by a cylindrical erected scaffolding or in  cultivation, hanging in the form of a vertical gradient layered  cultivation, to space  development, utilization of solar energy and greenhouse space to  improve land utilization 3-5 training can increase yield per unit area 2  to 3 times.

    Soilless  cultivation matrix because of its light, focusing on the entire  large-scale farming system, which includes agriculture breadth, ie  biological function dimension; depth of agriculture, namely resource  development function dimension; the height of agriculture, namely  economic value-added dimension. It is not usually an intuitive three-dimensional agriculture, but an  economic concept, similar to the current concept of "circular economy".

    Since  the concept of the border is too narrow, limited to the use of  multi-dimensional planting interior mountains, water, field, beach,  road, ignoring the rise in forestry, animal husbandry (fishing), farming  (fishing) species complex, raising, as well as garden species, keep  working, easy to make the same three-dimensional agriculture  intercropping, interplanting confused; the second concept reflects the  essential characteristics of contemporary Chinese agricultural  perspective, three-dimensional layout within its breeding cycle both  vertical gradient area, another unit area (water body )  facade space breeding (processing) rational allocation; third boundary  concept too broad, inclusive agricultural, industrial, commercial  integrated development, the indefinite extension of the border certainly  negates the three-dimensional characteristics of agriculture itself,  resulting in ecological agriculture and agricultural comprehensive concept development, agricultural modernization and fuzzy overlap between lost perspective agricultural existence.

    Through  the above analysis, the concept of three-dimensional agriculture  summarized as follows: a new perspective of agricultural development of  traditional agriculture and modern agricultural science and technology  of combining traditional agriculture is to optimize the combination of  the essence. Specifically, the three-dimensional agriculture is more coordinated,  interrelated agricultural organisms (plants, animals, microorganisms)  population, multi-level optimization and efficient utilization of  agricultural structure in space, time and function.‍‍‍‍‍‍