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    Sightseeing Agricultural Park

    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2012/1/22 11:42:48

    The  concept of agricultural sightseeing park, and there is no uniform  definition of most scholars to describe it are from agricultural  sightseeing garden features, functions and attributes, etc., as follows:  agriculture garden is a new idea of modern agricultural development, It belongs to institutional innovation in agricultural production. It is a special form of modern application development landscape, but also tourism a form of agriculture. Its distinctive feature is the financial capital as the basis, science  and technology, market-oriented, for the purpose of efficient, focused  participation, ornamental and entertaining, fully embodies the unity of  the agricultural tour.

    Agricultural Sightseeing Garden is a new type of landscape, it is not  simply a collection of some agricultural technical measures, is not a  simple superposition of agricultural production and landscape elements,  but rather a complex integrated system.

    Park  is the place to carry out agricultural tourism agricultural tourism  activities, it is based agricultural resources, is a financial watch,  study, study, participation, entertainment, shopping, vacation in one of  the agriculture and tourism combine in a landscape format. The agricultural resources include agricultural culture landscape,  agricultural ecological environment, agricultural production activities  as well as traditional folk customs.

    Agricultural  Sightseeing Garden, with the city's living standards and improve the  level of urbanization, and increased environmental awareness and the  emergence of agricultural resources, combined with tourism business  model, and have some ancillary facilities, collection technology  demonstration, ecology tourism, industrial development in an integrated park.

    The  use of resources and agricultural landscape agricultural production  conditions, local culture and personality characteristics, the  development of agriculture and tourism depth (sightseeing, cultural  experiences, health, leisure, vacation) a new type of agricultural  production and tourism business conditions. Successful agricultural sightseeing garden generally agricultural  science and technology, agriculture, farmland earth landscape, landscape  agriculture, ecological cycle of agriculture, ecological organic  agriculture.

    Agricultural  Sightseeing Garden is a special agricultural production base, with the  basic functions of agricultural production; there are prospects Design  and Research Institute of Agricultural sightseeing garden planning and  design experts addressed, he said: agriculture garden or in the key  points from the function of the complex. Enjoy  the fresh air, beautiful rural scenery and pristine country setting,  with a theme of leisure function; introduction of new products, new  facilities, new technologies, and applied to the production of a full  display, in order to enhance the novelty of the park, with science and  technology demonstration  function; to provide practical, learn agricultural knowledge of the  park, has a function of science education; open up a part of the tourist  park for visitors to participate in farming activities "farming  Paradise", allowing visitors to participate in cattle plowing,  fertilizing watering, loose soil  weeding and other farming operations, to experience the bitterness of  fatigue life of farming, or additional picking, harvesting, processing,  taste involved in the project, allowing visitors to experience the joy  of a good harvest, have experience participating function.