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    Colored grass sculpture

    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2012/1/18 14:47:48

    Colored  grass sculpture Structurally, no particularly complex organs, mainly of  two parts: one, constitute the framework of the three-dimensional  flower bed, these frameworks are mainly surrounded by a steel frame,  steel frame outline and will determine the final shape Mosaiculture  shape, this framework is designed after the workers in horticulture and  in proportion to the requirements of the welding and construction. Second, the growing plants outside the framework, there are small shrubs and herbs, which mainly colored grass plants. Colored  grass has a variety of colors, and the lower part of the stem  multicolor plants, such plants best suited to spell a variety of  patterns, but also very compact colored leaves long grass, these  features make it as colored grass sculpture of the best materials.

    Colored  grass sculpture usually annual or perennial herb as an art form, is a  comprehensive reflection horticultural technology and art. Making  three-dimensional flower bed will not be site and space limitations,  highly ornamental value, and modeling and diverse, in line with the  development of modern cities. The latest trends Mosaiculture good, widely used in major cities. In  the city with colored grass sculpture as modeling can not only beautify  the environment, it can also play rendering the atmosphere, ecological  protection and other advantages. Can be designed according to the needs of different shapes, such as  some iconic icon, city representatives, animal shapes, etc., are also  made out of modeling business card of the city.

    With  the rapid development of modern science and technology, the production  of colored grass sculpture shape has been steadily progressing,  construction sculpture colored grass can use a combination of technical  material design. Colored  grass carved brings ecological and social benefits are immeasurable,  played a significant role in the construction of the city's spiritual  and civilization, can maintain the traditional characteristics of the  city, you can also show the charm of the city. Colored grass sculptures are designed using green plants, and more reflects urban ecological construction.

    In  urban construction grass carved altar becomes very important, is mainly  used as a steel skeleton modeling and cultivated plants, plants of  different colors can be produced in a variety of unique styling styling  filled matrix. In recent years has been the rapid development of three-dimensional flower bed, you can create complex shapes seeding.

    Colored  grass sculpture is a small herbaceous plant, select some relatively  strong ornamental plants according to the design of different options,  usually choose dwarf, resistance to cutting, strong vitality of the  plant.