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    Modular plant wall

    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2015/3/27 15:00:08


    Modular plant wall advantages:
    1, ease of construction, the product quality is definitely tall, absolute price close to the people. Shape with the most popular in Europe and America carved craft, art van full of truly out of the hall, on the very Majestic.
    2, this product is conducive to post-maintenance, low maintenance costs. Completely replace the traditional process (post-maintenance costs  high, low survival rate, frequent replacement, drip plug and so on)
    3,  plant survival rate approaches 100% totally automatic watering, regular  watering, temperature and humidity sensors watering, remote watering. Water protection, anti-jamming protection, water level dual  protection, automatic fertilization, automatically apply and practice  the full spectrum of technologies such as fill light.
    4, PE raw materials, no pollution and odor, anti-aging compression, a  unique formula to add primary antioxidants, and secondary antioxidants,  Qi is generally comparable products.
    5, box size plant carefully research calculated to plant more fine small box, placed a small space and easy to transport.
    6, the upper part of the plant pots having a cat face bar sink, pots  inside so fast penetration, reduce watering time, increasing the amount  of water, reduce water evaporation.
    7, plant pots angle more suitable for plant growth, plant pots loaded  amount of soil and plant nutrition is directly proportional to the  desired, fully meet the needs of plant growth.
    8, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, catchment drainage in one, long-life reusable

    Advantages: seemingly cumbersome and complex plant wall design construction and maintenance allows you to stay away. In fact our products have been thinking of you. Products  not only a breakthrough in appearance, changed the previous sank the  same style, the function is summed up by a lot of experience in plant  construction and wall construction for all product defect, to improve  the absorption of foreign advanced design concept and developed this  product . Have absolute superiority, whether functional or appearance.