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    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2012/12/17 15:00:27

    Vivid, and rich aesthetic Mosaiculture to the people left a very enjoyable feeling. Ordinary flower gardening workers in technical skills down into a different image, a mix of three-dimensional flower beds, really unimaginable. Mosaiculture main choice Begonia plants, impatiens, coleus, petunia, poinsettia, pansy, yellow chrysanthemum and other land plants. And can achieve a variety of effects by configuring several different plants, adding vitality to the city.

    Theme and culture as a plant sculpture Mosaiculture carrier, the performance is more close to nature and life. It tells the vitality of the city's architectural gesture, animals, art and life, through plant art form vividly demonstrated the world's biological diversity, urban cultural diversity and artistic expression of the profound meaning of diversity, into nature and art as a whole guide mankind always pay attention to the green of our home planet.

    Three-dimensional flower beds and other forms of sculpture as advocated novel, compact structure. The difference is that it is more particular about the characteristics of the landscape reflects the cultural connotation, to be arranged, or slope, or water, or slots, or corner garden art according to the rules, to achieve local conditions, due to clever to borrow, to fill the white point of view effect. In addition, three-dimensional flower bed is flowing sculpture, it can not only put dozens of species of dozens of colors harmoniously unite to form colorful patterns and shapes, but also with the change of seasons and growing plants change, there are can change color, some can blossom, you can put some incense, bringing the full range of natural experience.

    Mosaiculture ecological green plants as the basis of artistic creation and performance tools, which work surface plant cover at least 80%, forming a plant landscape of land art, not only provide people outdoor leisure, entertainment, fitness and other functions, but also regulate the intensity of land use, urban disaster prevention, landscaping, clean pollution and many other features, it has become an important guarantee for sustainable urban development. Mosaiculture ecological sculpture itself is a carrier, but also sculpture design "eco trend." With the increasingly accelerated pace of urban construction, improvement of people's living environment requirements and the pursuit of spiritual values of concern, the positive role of plants in the urban landscape sculpture will become increasingly significant, it will add vitality to the urban environment and the natural charm of life.