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    The difference between true plant wall and immortal plant wall

    AUTHOR: DATE:2019/4/3 9:03:48 VISITS:

      In recent years, the wall of immortal plants has begun to appear in everyone's field of vision. But many people don't know much about it, and they don't know the difference between the immortal plant wall and the real plant wall. The following small series tells you what are the differences between real plant walls and immortal plant walls?

      1, years:

      The true plant wall can grow all the time without the influence of external factors. The average life expectancy of the well-grown green plants is also less than 30 years. After the process of dehydration, dyeing and drying of the immortalized plant wall, the shelf life of the product is generally about 4 years. If the time is too long, various problems will occur, which will affect its effect.

      2, the role:

      The greater use of the immortalized plant wall and the true plant wall is to watch, but the true plant wall has the effect of purifying indoor air in addition to viewing. This is something that immortal plants cannot match. Secondly, the variety and supply of immortal plants are small, and it is difficult to make a home decoration for large-scale exhibitions.

      3. Maintenance:

      The maintenance cost of the immortalized plant wall is low, and there is no need to supply water on time and regular care. The true plant wall needs regular irrigation and hires a person to pruning, otherwise the plants will always grow irregularly and affect the appearance.

      At present, the immortalized plant wall is in the early stage of the country and is used for indoor soft decoration. It does not have a mature architecture and market recognition as a true plant wall. The bigger difference between the two is that in the later replacement and maintenance, the immortalized plant wall will be changed in about 8 years, and the plant wall needs continuous and continuous pruning and conditioning.