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    What are the conditions for selecting a vertical green wall?

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      1. What is vertical greening?

      The vertical greening of the plant wall is a concept that has been in a state of development. From the initial generalization of vertical surface greening to the subsequent greening of balconies, the concept of vertical greening has been changing with the needs of the market.

      Up to now, the development of vertical greening has become a concept corresponding to horizontal greening. It is a way to green the three-dimensional space. It is to use plant materials to climb, fix, affix and hang on the surface of the building or other structures. Form a green form of non-horizontal.

      It mainly includes: building walls (including interior walls and exterior walls), subway ventilation facilities, overpasses and viaducts, and the greening of structures such as walls, railings, columns, lampposts, scaffolding and signage.

      2. Factors that determine the success of vertical greening

      Different from the traditional construction projects, once the vertical greening project starts to operate, it will be a life-like organism with great tension in the people's field of vision. The necessary factors for life must be included in the conservation focus. For vertical greening, the key factors for sustaining the growth of this living organism are the growth medium, irrigation system and plant system.

      (1) Growth medium. The importance of growth medium for plant growth does not need to be lengthy. For general planting, the growth medium mainly provides nutrition and maintains water. For vertical greening, the growth medium also functions as aeration and fixing plants. A key factor in achieving vertical planting.

      (2) Irrigation system. The first two years after the completion of the vertical greening project is a key year for the long-term sustainability of the entire project. In the past two years, the plants on the vertical surface should adapt to the new growing environment. When watering, the irrigation period and the watering area should be rationally planned according to the vertical surface area, plant habits, climate change and other factors. The need for moisture also helps plants adapt to the growing environment on the vertical surface as quickly as possible.

      (3) Plant systems. If you want a vertical green plant wall project to last for a long time, you must plant the right plants in the right place, and in order to extend the duration of the landscape, the plants selected should be mostly evergreen plants.

      In the whole vertical greening project, the selection and configuration of plants is a key link. The requirements of different habits of plants for environmental conditions must be considered. It is also necessary to design according to the surrounding environment and the ornamental effects and functions of plants. In general, the selected plants must meet the conditions of adapting to the planting environment, strong vitality, and designing a certain artistic viewing effect.