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    Several classification methods of grass carving design

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    1. Woody plant flower beds

    A flower bed arranged with woody plants. The evergreen conifers are often dominated by flowering shrubs in the center of the flower beds, and they are surrounded by hedge trims. It has the advantage of being laborious and always.

    2, flower bed flower bed

    Also known as the flower bed. The flower bed with the theme of appreciation of the flower itself or the gorgeous colors of the group is called a flower bed. In the flower-shaped flower beds, herbaceous flowers and plants with uniform height, neat flowering and long flowering period should be used. The flowers used may be the same variety, or several varieties may be organically combined to form a simple pattern.

    3, mixed flower beds

    The mixed flower bed is composed of materials such as turf, grass flower, woody plant and rockery. If the flower bed is 40-100cm above the ground when it is built, it should be filled in the hollow pedestal. When baccarat is planted with ornamental plants, it can also be called a flower stand.

    The flower stand is higher than the ground, shortening the distance from people, facilitating the appearance and color of the plants, smelling the flowers, and enjoying the beauty of the flower stand itself. The flower bed planted ornamental woody plants, and the flower beds are called flower ponds when the planting bed is equal to the surface elevation and the edges are built.

    4, grass carving

    The grass carving is a three-dimensional development or a three-dimensional configuration of the pattern flower bed. It is a kind of three-dimensional decoration formed by planting a multicolored grass on the surface of a mud made of bamboo or steel. It is a combination of grass and shape. Shaped with the same sculpture, the viewing effect is very good.

    5, pattern flower bed

    Also known as the pattern flower bed or felt flower bed. It is a flower bed that uses the colors of different colors of leaves or flowers and leaves to form a gorgeous pattern, pattern or text. It usually requires trimming measures to ensure the clarity of the pattern. Its advantage is that the viewing period is long, so the material of the pattern flower bed should be a plant with long growing period, slow growth, lush foliage and pruning resistance.