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    Matters needing attention when constructing five-color grass

    AUTHOR: DATE:2019/3/12 10:16:31 VISITS:

      Five-color grass is an indispensable plant for three-dimensional flower beds and five-color grass. Because of its variety of colors, different collection shapes and patterns can be designed according to the situation. The more common five-color grass shape plays an important role in urban dressing. The role. There are many things to be aware of when constructing a five-color grass. The following is a detailed introduction for everyone.

      The planting of five-color grass needs to pay attention to its density. It is necessary to achieve more than 800 square meters, or even 1000 square meters, so as to highlight the effect of planting and increase the overall beauty. In addition, the five-color grass shape should be prevented from being too thin, so that there will be a situation of weeds, and if the density is too large, the plants will rot.

      Generally, the five-color grass breeding will use cuttings, and if necessary, the cuttings should be carried out in advance, and the number of cuttings should be increased appropriately to shorten the breeding period. After the cutting, ensure that the cutting seedlings are sunny and have sufficient water. The substrate to be planted should increase the composition of the sticky loess, prevent the soil from falling due to watering, and affect the cleanliness and ornamental effect of the five-color grass pattern.

      In the process of planting, pay attention to the close connection between soil and seedlings, and seal the soil at the seedlings. It is necessary to prevent the cutting seedlings from dying and watering the plants when planting. After the five-color grass grows to a certain height, it should be trimmed in time. It is necessary to prevent the flower bed pattern from being affected by excessive growth. When trimming, pay attention to the three-dimensional feeling and highlight the important pattern.

      After the construction of the five-color grass is completed, the weeds are removed in time to ensure the overall aesthetics. In order to create a more beautiful urban effect, it is necessary to design a more innovative green form to bring a better living environment to the citizens.