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    Precautions for maintaining indoor plant walls in spring

    AUTHOR: DATE:2019/2/25 9:28:05 VISITS:

      We all know that in the spring, the plant wall will have a very good growth. At this time, it not only has a very good viewing effect, but also maximizes the air and absorbs dust. However, if we want to make the indoor plant wall not have any problems, we need to pay attention to some matters. So, what do we need to pay attention to? Below, let the indoor plant wall manufacturers introduce you.

      What are the precautions for maintaining indoor plant walls in spring?

      1. Because spring is suitable for plant growth, and the growth and evaporation of plant walls will increase, which will increase the nutrients it consumes. Therefore, we should keep the water and fertilizer of the plant wall in the spring, for the occurrence of dry soil. It is necessary to irrigate in time to allow the plant wall plants to have a thorough moisture, so that the plant wall will not be wilted.

      2, there is, for the branches and leaves too lush plants, it is best to pruning, so it does not affect its ornamental, as the weather slowly becomes hot, plant wall plants must be ventilated, so that we can guarantee the plant wall The growth is better.

      3. If we find that there is soil drying in the basin and timely replenishing the new soil, it is best to change the basin, and the non-professionals must use the water and fertilizer according to the detailed instructions.