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    Green Breathing Belt in the City - Road Landscape

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    Beautiful city

    With the continuous development of the economy, the pace of urbanization is accelerating. However, our natural ecology has also been destroyed and environmental problems have become increasingly prominent. Now the country is constantly calling for the protection of the environment, the construction of ecological civilization, and the launch of the "blue sky defense war."

    Beautifying homes, improving the image of the city, and creating a good ecological environment are highly valued by every city. The main heart of the city, the road landscape, is also valued and developed, and is presented to people with its unique green art landscape charm.

    Due to the inherent biological and ecological characteristics of plants, plants can play a unique ecological protection role in road greening. Urban road landscape can beautify the environment, dust and noise reduction, separation of people and vehicles, separation of speed, ease of traffic, purification and oxygen production, improve road safety, humanities propaganda, shading, cooling, anti-glare, fire prevention, disaster avoidance.

    What are the main road landscapes?

    Road and railway landscape: Under the modern traffic conditions, according to the visual characteristics of the division, create a landscape effect of continuity, predictability and line-of-sight.

    Urban road landscape: According to the characteristics of human visual characteristics and shape, combined with artistic and human elements, create a comprehensive landscape.

    Scenic road landscape: According to the role of the road, create a road landscape. Generally, it can be divided into main road, secondary road, garden road or Jingnei road.

    Road landscape features

    The diversity of constituent elements: artificial and natural, static and dynamic, plane and solid, monochrome and multicolor, modern and classical.

    Time and space multidimensional: From the perspective of landscape space, it is connected to the blue sky and the next to the earth. In terms of time: there are front, back, quarter, phase, phase, and human psychological time and space axes.

    Environmental multiplicity: to meet the transportation and transit functions, but also to contain certain social, cultural, regional, folk and other meanings, but also need to be functional, artistic, practical, ornamental and so on.

    Evaluate multi-subjectivity: operations and investors, occupants along the route, travelers, road design and management, merchants, etc.

    Principles and points for upgrading the road landscape

    When creating a road landscape, the first principle is to be people-oriented, fully consider the basic needs and behavioral characteristics of human beings, and when designing the scheme, pay attention to safety and dynamic vision to achieve the effect of the scene is for human use and the artificial scene.

    From the aesthetic point of view, the dynamic changes of the plant community and the strong seasonal landscape foresight, so that the plants in the growth cycle, "receive the four seasons of the rotten", to achieve "invincible state, the inexhaustible spring" The effect is to enrich the beauty of the community and enhance the ornamental value. At the same time, combined with the scenes in the field, night lighting design, lighting beautification, and strive to improve the environmental quality;

    From an ecological perspective, we must protect the environment, respect nature, and reduce damage to the ecological environment. Try to find materials on the spot and integrate with the original environment;

    From the perspective of humanities, we fully consider the local geographical characteristics in the design, respect history, inherit culture, protect classics, fully excavate, accurately grasp and rationalize the content and form of traditional culture, adopt novel and flexible technical methods to pass architecture, The walls, paving, planting, and essays are expressed to serve the modern urban life and form a new look of the urban landscape;

    From a practical point of view, it is not necessary to reinvent the carwhen designing. Not only the driving landscape needs to be built, but also the feelings of the pedestrians on the road. At the same time, it has practical value and reduces the maintenance cost and reduces the difficulty of maintenance.

    The construction of road landscape needs to consider the integrity, conform to the laws of nature, effectively solve the relationship between people, structure, function, process and mode, and create a harmonious external space environment. The choice of plants requires diversity, multi-element, full consideration of seasonal changes, and the color mix is naturally rich.