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    Which environment is not suitable for installing plant walls?

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    Which environment is not suitable for installing plant walls

    1. Indoors where the air is not fluent should not be used as a plant wall.

    The survival rate of plants in plant walls requires a certain amount of air activity, while ordinary indoors, especially small home environments, do not fully satisfy the growth and survival of plants according to the needs of people's lives, especially in summer, such as the inability to open windows. Plants that are ventilated and plant walls are susceptible to secondary metabolism and death.

    Treatment: In addition to the small room to open the window ventilation, you can add indoor fresh air and other equipment.

    2. The place where the temperature is too high or too low is not suitable for installing the plant wall.

    The survival of plant wall plants requires a certain temperature. Depending on the plant, there are also hot and humid environments, but the temperature of most plants is between 10 and 30 degrees. In the north, the interior is not warm, or the southern autumn and winter. At alternate time, the survival of the plant wall faces a certain test, so the temperature of the plant wall is also an important factor for the survival of the plant wall and whether it can be installed.

    3, the place where the air is too wet is not suitable for plant walls

    The survival of plants in plant walls requires a certain degree of humidity, especially as a plant-like plant, and the indoor environment is too boring, causing plant death or luxuriance at different levels.

    Treatment: In the indoor heating room in the south, in addition to artificially adding air humidity, the plant wall watering frequency can be appropriately added to adhere to the plant's demand for water.

    4, completely no light or very dark places are not suitable for installing plant walls

    The survival of plants in plant walls is supported by the need for light cooperation. Usually indoor plant walls such as poor light or very dark environments, although special lamps can be used to fill the light, but may have actual soft clothing needs. Great resistance, such as ktv, bar, basement, etc.

    Treatment: places such as kTV and bars that require a dark atmosphere, you can choose to install a simulated plant wall, and the darkness of the basement and other places can stop the reasonable fill light.

    5. Places with too much smoke or excessive toxic gases are not suitable for plant walls.

    The growth of plant walls has certain inhibition and absorption of soot or harmless substances in the air, but there are certain limits. If there are too many harmless substances, the metabolism of plants will be greatly damaged due to the plant wall. The metabolism of plants is non-selective metabolism, and the harmless substances are great damages to the growth and survival of plants.

    Treatment: In addition to stopping the air, there is no special way to cherish life and stay away from harmless gases.