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    Eight benefits of roof greenery

    AUTHOR: DATE:2018/9/17 11:55:24 VISITS:

    First, increasing the urban green area, the limited nature of urban land resources limits the development of urban greening. Under such a background, roof greening has solved the problem of urban greening development, and the roof greening cost is relatively low.

    Second, roof greening can weaken the building's solar reflection and help to reduce the urban heat island effect. According to UNEP research, if a city's roof greening is more than 70%, the summer temperature can be lowered by 5 °C to 10 °C, and the urban heat island effect is basically eliminated. Roof greening is equivalent to a thermal insulation layer for buildings, which not only saves electricity, but also saves cooling treatment costs. In summer, the indoor temperature can be lowered by 3 °C to 5 °C.

    Third, the roof greening can absorb particulate matter, which is beneficial to alleviate atmospheric dust and purify the air. The roof is the habitat for secondary dust, and the roof after three-dimensional greening can reduce street dust by 40%. Green plants absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis to vent oxygen, which is obvious to the improvement of air quality.

    Fourth, the roof garden can reduce noise.

    Fifth, roof greening can protect the top of the building and extend the service life of the building materials. Roof greening regulates extreme temperatures in summer and winter.

    Sixth, the absorption and utilization of natural precipitation is conducive to reducing the ground drainage pressure; improving the city's water storage capacity is conducive to increasing air humidity and purifying water sources.

    Seven, blocking sandstorms is conducive to improving the city's ability to resist disasters.

    8. Improve the urban environment and improve the quality of people's living and working environment. The greening of the roof can add artistic effect and become the “sky garden” of the city, forming an aerial landscape and giving people a beautiful enjoyment.