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    Cultivation management

    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2018/8/3 8:44:20

    Soilless cultivation system installed in the greenhouse, including cultivation tank, irrigation facilities, growing media.
    1,  the cultivation tank: greenhouse north left 80 cm, 30 cm south to stay  with the north-south brick cultivation tank, the inner diameter of 48 cm  wide, 24 cm high slot border, to brick flat, 72 cm away from the  groove, the groove base a layer 0.1 mm thick plastic film, with the uppermost edge of the  membrane pressed brick, 3 cm thick film spread clean sand, spread a  layer of sand bags, fill the bag cultivation substrate.
    2,  irrigation facilities: facilities with tap water or water level  difference of 1.5 m to build a reservoir, a single independent  greenhouse built irrigation systems, greenhouse cultivation of the main  channel and can be used with drip irrigation tank plastic pipe, tank  equipped with drip irrigation 1 ~ 2, put on 0.1 mm thick and narrow plastic film.
    3.  Culture Media: organic matrix available corn stalks, mushroom compost,  sawdust, etc., inorganic matrix with sand or slag, etc., such as coal  gangue, sawdust, corn stalks, their mixing ratio of 1:2:2. To  fill the grooves 15 days ago the matrix stack 25 centimeters thick, wet  the cover film after sterilization, and then added to each square  matrix organic soilless cultivation special fertilizer 2 kg, 10 kg  sterilized manure, mix After each crop harvested on the substrate are to be disinfected.
    Second, soilless
    Choose  low temperature resistance, low light, high yield, disease-resistant  tomato varieties hair powder 802, soaking at the end of September, most  of the seeds to the use of artificial soilless plug seedlings after  grin. By  peat: vermiculite proportion of 3:1 with a good base, per square meter  of substrate was added 5 kg and 0.5 kg chicken manure fertilizer  vermiculite, after mixing plastic dish filled 72 holes, each hole sowing  a seed , covered with vermiculite 1 cm under the soil plug with plastic film and separated. Pre-emergence  temperature was maintained at 25 ~ 30 ℃, the temperature during the day  and after emergence of 20 ~ 25 ℃, the night of 10 ~ 15 ℃. When the trays to be kept moist until the seedlings grow to 3-4 true leaves out tray planting, seedling age of about 30 days.
    Third, planting
    Leveling  turn before planting the matrix level, immersing cultivation tank, the  matrix fully absorb water, when the water has to be the cultivation tank  leaking tank 2 per row planting, slightly higher than the matrix lump  seedlings, plant spacing of 30 cm, planting 3000 acres, planted after pouring small water.
    Fourth, cultivation and management
    1,  fertilizer and water management: 20 days after planting began dressing  after dressing once every 10 days, special fertilizer per plant every 10  to 15 grams; 7 days after the results of dressing once every special  fertilizer per plant 25 grams. Fertilizer should be spread evenly at 5 cm from the root, with the allowed water to seep into the matrix. In addition, carbon dioxide gas can also be applied in the shed fat. Usually watering once every five days after planting.
    2, temperature, light management: after planting, daytime indoor temperature is 22 ~ 25 ℃, the night of 10 ~ 15 ℃. After the fruit day is 25 ~ 28 ℃, the night was about 12 ℃.
    3,  hanging vines and pruning: When seedlings with 6-7 leaves polypropylene  plastic rope hanging vines, rope portion is fixed scaffolding iron line  in the lower part of the stem line. Vine intertwined with the sling, upright growth. Reserved only when pruning spindle growth results, removal of all  collateral within the leaf axils, pruning branch length were 10 to 15  cm.
    4, Paul Flower and fruit thinning: 7:00 to 9 with 10 to 15 mg / kg of 2.4-D solution dipped flowers to improve fruit. To ensure high quality fruit, leaving 3 to 4 per plant fruit, the rest of the flowers, fruits have to be timely Thinning.