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    Agricultural internet of things

    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2018/8/3 8:36:57

    The agricultural Internet of Things participates in the Internet of Things in automatic control through real-time display of various instruments or as a parameter of automatic control. It can provide scientific basis for precise regulation of greenhouses, and achieve the purpose of increasing production, improving quality, regulating growth cycle and improving economic benefits.

    In the greenhouse control system, using the temperature sensor, humidity sensor, PH value sensor, illuminance sensor, CO2 sensor and other equipment of the Internet of Things system to detect physical temperature, relative humidity, PH value, light intensity, soil nutrient, CO2 concentration and other physical quantities. The parameters ensure that the crop has a good and suitable growth environment. The realization of remote control enables technicians to monitor and control the environment of multiple greenhouses in the office. Wireless networks are used to measure the optimal conditions for obtaining crop growth.

    The general application of the agricultural Internet of Things is to construct a monitoring network with a large number of sensor nodes, collect information through various sensors, help farmers to find problems in time, and accurately determine the location of the problem, so that agriculture will gradually become human-centered and dependent. The production model of isolated machinery has shifted to an information- and software-centric production model, thus making extensive use of various automated, intelligent, remote-controlled production equipment.


    1. Scientific cultivation: After analyzing the sensor data, it can be concluded that the soil is suitable for cultivation, and the climate environment sensor can collect the crop growth environment data in real time.

    2. Precise control: After various sensors are arranged, the system quickly adjusts the temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration and light intensity of the cultivation base according to the request of crop growth.

    3. Progressive power: Unlike traditional agricultural cultivation methods, the Internet of Things agricultural cultivation method has completely completed the system of intelligentization and long-distance. It is more precise and efficient than the manual cultivation mode.

    4. Green agriculture: It is difficult for traditional agriculture to record all the monitoring data in the cultivation process, and IoT agriculture can save all monitoring data through various monitoring sensors and network systems, so as to facilitate the traceability of agricultural commodities and complete agriculture. The green produced is harmless.