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    Automatic water-saving irrigation

    AUTHOR: SOURCE: TIME:2018/8/2 17:17:38

    Automatic water-saving irrigation system


    Automatic water-saving irrigation using the principle of local conditions according to different regions, different needs of different crops, choose a different irrigation facilities, and the use of computers, wireless data communications, acquisition controller, sensors and other advanced technology to monitor irrigation management to ensure timely appropriate to meet the needs of the crop sub-automation to achieve the purpose of saving water in irrigation and water-saving irrigation. System Architecture program gives a water-saving irrigation automation a basic framework, it is mainly by the central master control system, acquisition and control modules, wireless communication module, soil moisture sensors, weather stations, solenoid valves and other equipment, can be divided into decency sensors and solenoid valves, acquisition control, data transmission and control centers in four parts.

    Sensors and electromagnetic valve system configuration: is the executor of collectors and systems automation data. The sensor is able to feel and provisions are measured in accordance with certain rules to convert the output signal of the device or devices may be used, the system includes measurements of soil moisture soil moisture sensor for measuring nutrient nutrients, measuring meteorological elements rain sensor, air temperature humidity sensor, wind speed sensor, wind direction sensor; decency solenoid valve is present in the implementation of automated devices may be connected to pumps, equipment and other nutritional supplements. Acquisition and control device: refer to master data acquisition devices and equipment to perform the work of data acquisition and control module, the main role is to: through crop irrigation decision-making software settings, keep running data acquisition equipment, software in accordance with instructions issued by crop irrigation decisions, control turn the solenoid valve to perform on / off.