The company's products mainly include three-dimensional green products, plant wall products, soilless cultivation products, PVC flower boxes, aluminum flower boxes, three-dimensional flower plants, gardening facilities, Internet of Things agricultural equipment, and all related engineering construction, with landscape agriculture and ecological landscape design. Construction, and overall design planning capabilities, product sales ranked in the forefront of the country.

   The three-dimensional greening products mainly include various flower pots and three-dimensional shapes required for indoor and outdoor three-dimensional greening. There are mainly flower column flower flower ball series, light pole guardrail bridge series, flower series, flower box and tree pool cover series.

     The style flower flower ball series products are mainly formed by the skeleton with flower pots and various grass flowers. It can be used in parks, square road green belts, front doors, commercial places and other places. The selected flowers are mainly grass flowers, African Phoenix, Four Seasons Sea Bream, Petunia, etc. are all good choices.

     This product is sun-proof, rain-proof, UV-resistant, and has a long service life. It can be used repeatedly. The viewing effect is strong! The light pole guardrail bridge series flower pots are mainly made of plastic raw materials and have the function of water storage and drainage. Significant savings in post-conservation costs. A variety of combinations are possible.

    The main material of the plant wall product is PE raw material, which is easy to construct and adopts the most popular carving process in Europe and America. Maintenance costs are extremely low. The service life can be as long as 10 years or more at room temperature. The survival rate of plants is nearly 100%.

    Applications: Department stores, hotels, hospitals, hospitals, leisure and entertainment, beauty and fitness, airport stations, office space, home modeling, architectural appearance, square parks, and a variety of indoor and outdoor public places and large, medium and small business premises.

     The soilless cultivation products adopt new raw material PP, which can reach food grade in green environmental protection and has anti-aging and anti-corrosion functions. Products can be combined in various ways.

     Scope of application: Three-dimensional planting of vegetables in greenhouses. It can be cultivated in a substrate, can be cultivated without soil, and can be applied to various planting scenes. It can also be used for landscaping alone or for household cultivation of hydroponic vegetables. It can also be used as a balcony to grow vegetables. It can also be used as a roof garden, roof garden, etc.

     PVC flower box products mainly use PVC micro-foaming material, which can be nailed, planed, sturdy, viscous and engraved. It can be screwed directly, easy to process and install, and the surface will not crack and bulge. Rugged, oil-resistant, scratch-resistant, anti-collision, easy to clean, no special maintenance required. The weight is about 50% lighter than wood wood and plastic, and the toughness is good. In order to protect the forest, it is completely possible to replace wood and wood plastic.

     Advantages of pvc flower box:

     1, beautiful appearance, reflecting natural wood texture, substantial toughness, high load-bearing, strong flexibility, anti-collision and compression.

     2, no mold, non-flammable, no discoloration, no black, no peeling.

     3, non-toxic and harmless, no pollution, no radiation, low carbon and environmental protection.

     4, the rain does not corrode, exposed to cracks; easy to install, easy to move.

     5, non-slip, no mites do not corrode, waterproof and fireproof, sturdy and durable, indoor use for more than 10 years.

     6, anti-oil, scratch-resistant, easy to clean, no special maintenance.

       Aluminum alloy refers to the raw material processed by adding a certain proportion of alloying elements in pure aluminum. The aluminum alloy flower box is a flower box made of this material. Because the aluminum alloy is durable and more suitable for processing, various styles and affordable, it is the main material for processing flower boxes, and it is very harmonious with the natural ecological environment.

       Advantages of aluminum flower box:

       1. The material is well molded, easy to process and low in processing cost.

       2, non-toxic and harmless, resistant to nuclear radiation, and strong recycling.

       3, good toughness and mechanical properties, in low temperature environment, not easy to crack.

       4, non-magnetic, not easy to produce sparks.

       5, light weight, easy to transport and handling.

       6. When the aluminum alloy product is in contact with air outdoors, the oxidation reaction of the product will form an oxide film, and the oxide film has corrosion resistance;

       7, decorative effect is good, style is rich.

      With new raw material PP, it can reach food grade with green environmental protection and has anti-aging and anti-corrosion functions. The appearance adopts the European column style, and the four-petal combination structure design makes the shape beautiful and fashionable. The structure adopts three layers of upper, middle and lower design, upper matrix layer, intermediate retaining plate and bottom water storage layer. The water-absorbing column absorbs water from the aquifer and transmits it to the flower root of the substrate layer. Each water-absorbing column can effectively ensure 3-5 plants of water. Three overflows are designed on the inner wall of the flower pot to discharge excess water in time.


      1, flower survival time is long

      2, anti-high temperature, UV protection

      3, flower pot PP raw materials increase the service life, can be used 8-10 years

      The flower series products are beautiful in shape and easy to install. They are suitable for being placed in parks and on both sides of roads.