Modular plant wall advantages: 

1, ease of construction, theproduct quality is definitely tall, absolute price close to the people. Shape with the most popular in Europe and America carved craft, art van full of truly out of the hall, on the very Majestic.
2, this product is conducive to post-maintenance, low maintenance costs. Completely replace the traditional process (post-maintenance costs  high, low survival rate, frequent replacement, drip plug and so on)
3,  plant survival rate approaches 100% totally automatic watering, regular  watering, temperature and humidity sensors watering, remote watering. Water protection, anti-jamming protection, water level dual  protection, automatic fertilization, automatically apply and practice  the full spectrum of technologies such as fill light.
4, PE raw materials, no pollution and odor, anti-aging compression, a  unique formula to add primary antioxidants, and secondary antioxidants,  Qi is generally comparable products.
5, box size plant carefully research calculated to plant more fine small box, placed a small space and easy to transport.
6, the upper part of the plant pots having a cat face bar sink, pots  inside so fast penetration, reduce watering time, increasing the amount  of water, reduce water evaporation.
7, plant pots angle more suitable for plant growth, plant pots loaded  amount of soil and plant nutrition is directly proportional to the  desired, fully meet the needs of plant growth.
8, anti-UV, anti-corrosion, catchment drainage in one, long-life reusable

Advantages: Plants wall design seems to be complex,and the construction and maintenance are prohibitive.In fact our product have been thinking of it.The product is not a breakthrough in appearance and has changedthe same style,the function is all summed up products disadvantages to improve by lots of plant wall construction and the construction experience.Absorbing foreign advanced concept was designed and devolped the product.Have absolute superiority whether functional or appearance.

Plant wall Good for:

Department stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, entertainment, beauty fitness, airport station, office space, furniture style, building exterior, Square Park, as well as various indoor public places and large, medium and small business premises

Plant wall value: clean air, low-carbon environment, beautify the city, noise isolation, temperature control, ecological restoration

Plant wall with greenery woven wall, is the use of plant roots growth environment super adaptive capacity, so that the natural habitat of the plant on the ground permanently grown in a vertical wall of a building for the design and construction architectural decoration to provide a novel organic ecological materials.

  Plant is not only dependent on the soil in order to survive, soil-plant habitat matrix one. Plants, the most basic needs are water and various minerals dissolved in water, and the visible light and carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. In any year can get light and moisture areas such as tropical or temperate mountain forests, plants can be grown in the rocks, stumps, cliff, cave or no soil on the slopes. Rather than people cultivated as garden plants from the flat area.


Plant wall material rich, varied shapes, simple and advanced management technology can be widely used: living room decor, wall TV, balcony walls, decorative columns, corporate image of the wall, the lobby hall, post, restaurant, tea room and other places, the application of very rich and flexible.

Mobile plant wall botany, micro irrigation, automation and control technology and other subjects as a whole.

Mobile plant wall features:
1, save space: full use of interior space, both three-dimensional and saving footprint, easy to move.
2, easy to manage: with regular irrigation, fill light, and other automatic alarm function, automatic light intensity control for plants, temperature, moisture, etc. Article
    Under parts, no expertise, you can enjoy the color of the home life, to create exclusive aerobic space.
3, diversity: the plant can be used to spell different kinds of patterns, also at home more fun for the family produce oxygen simultaneously.
4, can be customized: mobile plant wall plant wall may need to tailor the size, color, etc. according to the customer.
Mobile plant wall Good for:
Department stores, hotels, hospitals, schools, leisure and entertainment, beauty fitness areas, office space, home interior, furniture and a variety of modeling indoor public places.

The  walls are made of high simulation plants simulation floral arrangements  wall, using similar high simulation plants and real plants, plant  simulation similar to real plant wall to reach the wall effect or  achieve real plants can not achieve the effect, to meet in people on the natural effect of the pursuit. People  under different environmental requirements, design a different shape,  the level of scattered, harmonious environment wall shape, carefully  designed can achieve real results. Simulation plant wall does not need maintenance, long lasting, easy to  express the effect of structured design, low cost, multi-effect change.
Simulation plant wall advantages:
The advantages of a more practical. Simulation  plant wall has a good decorative effect, the product is environmentally  friendly materials used made of, practicality and durability are very  strong. And whether it is indoors or outdoors can be used in winter can also  be decorated, it can be very good to create a warm environment, but also  enables relax.
Two advantages, more lasting effect. Because durable materials are used in simulation plant wall, so longer service life.
Three advantages, simple construction. Simulation plant wall construction more convenient, fast access. And daily maintenance is also very easy, just a simple cleaning needed  or on a regular basis to find someone to carry out simple maintenance  and repair can be, it is also very practical wall décor.
Simulation  plant wall applies to: department stores, hotels, hospitals schools,  entertainment, beauty fitness, airport station, office space, furniture  style, building exterior, Square Park, as well as various indoor public  places and large, medium and small business premises .